Putting It All Together & Taking Action

Congrats on making it this far! By now you should have gone through videos 1-3 and spent some time setting up your UpWork profile to achieve maximum success. All you need to do from here is take action! 

  • Take action every single day, I suggest sending out 5 proposals per day at minimum when starting out
  • Take small jobs at first just to get feedback, I took small $25 or $50 jobs when starting out to build up my credibility on the platform. 

Got Your Profile Rejected On UpWork? Read This First

Here are some simple tips I can suggest:

  • Add other skills, maybe you can do video editing, photoshop, or even content writing. I personally have a good background in IT and networking so this is another skill set I originally used on my profile. 
  • Make sure your profile is filled out 100% and you have a good description about what it is that you are offering. 
  • Here is a sample profile from a friend of mine that combined his photoshop skills and internet marketing background into one profile. 
  • *READ This Article* for understanding why your profile may be getting rejected

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Putting It All Together & Taking Action