Putting It All Together & Taking Action

Congrats on making it this far! By now you should have gone through videos 1-3 and spent some time setting up your UpWork profile to achieve maximum success. All you need to do from here is take action! 

Click here to download the "Value Add" template which you can include in your UpWork proposals. Be sure to use your own branding before sending it out. 

Today I'm going to be opening access to my premium SEO Consulting Blueprint course.

You've now figured out one of the largest 'pains' that most SEO consultants go through when they get started with SEO and that's how to get clients.

My agency blueprint course is going to solve all of the other 'pains' when it comes to starting an actual SEO business.

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An Overview Of UpWork

UpWork Profile Optimization

The 'Eye Catching' Proposal Method For SEO Work


Putting It All Together & Taking Action